Traffic jams, air pollution, parking problems, headaches. Pretty much everything you associate with driving a car in the city. This is now. What was it like back then? When cars were invented at the dawn of the 20th century, horseless carriages meant freedom, innovation, independence, speed, exclusivity. So a cool thing. The odd even formula of Delhi is trying to give us back the original intent of having a car: being able to drive the car instead of being stuck in traffic.

When Henry Ford came along and made cars accessible, affordable, available to everyone, who would have thought it might turn into a nightmare for civic planning? Initially, cars meant freedom. Now, instead of freedom a car means traffic jams, parking tickets, parking problems, and on top of it all - a major contributor to air pollution.

The odd even rule in Delhi has been key to increased public awareness - people actually realize that this odd even formula reduces fuel costs overall. Why? Traffic flows, cutting down standing in traffic, engines idling, spewing exhaust fumes. The odd even Delhi formula makes people become a bit more creative when getting around on their off days. The car pools of the 1970s during the oil crisis have come of age and graduated into the 21st century. Car pools are cool, car pools are practical, car pools make it happen. Not only do they contribute to the odd even movement, car-pooling forges new friendships, making our society not only more efficient, greener but more sociable. Odd even is a simple but extremely effective solution.

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